What are you up now? Are things working? These questions matters to be able for anyone to know they are doing things at the right time. It's like eating an ice cream after 2 hours of leaving it in the table and thinking that it's still an ice cream after then or buying an expensive cars which you know you don't have enough savings to last for the next month bills. Seeing time and things matters in every situation is very crucial in making decisions and in every decisions you make failure is just one step away.

Considering that every decision is between life and death situation is better than doing things before thinking a hundred times. Doing a lot of thinking is building a better and stable future benefits. Thorough research and studies on the advantage and disadvantages of things is very important aside from looking on the budget. Sometimes the savings you get from present doesn't worth the benefits you loose on the future. Spending for the stable business platform development for example is quite big at present, but if you see the future savings, it's worth a hundred years of savings more than the investment you put into it.

Investing in a good business system infrastructure like most business owners do is solving the present and future challenges before it happens aside from its lifetime advantage, unlike buying new cars that will depreciate and get rusted after years of use. Doing things at the right time saves you from future headaches and money. Most people who happen to experienced failures in the past are the most who get advantage of this wonderful saying because they are the one who knows the real value of life, happiness, money and future. Learning from the past mistakes and wrong decision of others is also a great help but my father also said that you are born to know it by yourself because you have to go out there and make your own mistakes for you to see what is the right thing to do.

Right time matters a lot when making decisions in doing what's best. Doesn't require now or tomorrow or next year or after 5 or 10 years, most varies on greater advantage and perfect timing.

Ruby Ann Malixi
Writer & System Analyst
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