Is there any perfect human-created system? What do we mean by system reliability if it happens that we need one for our business? Those questions normally pop up when the business operation is in the process of acquiring a system to fully maximize the efficiency of one's company.

An outsource provider is better than an in-house system developer or a freelancer because it is a legitimate company whose only aim is to provide a lifetime good customer support and also its resources are complete and the people maintaining it are not your concern anymore. Outsource are the one who will worry about the staff salary, customer service, data center for system servers and training of staff for new applications as well as the welfare of continuous good service for each clients.

Companies that do the whole thing themselves have much greater research, development, marketing and distribution of expenditures, all of which must be distributed on to the customers. An external provider's cost structure and low-cost of scale can give you firm and important competitive advantage compared to hiring and training staff for a short period of time for marginal projects that can be very costly, and impermanent.

Hiring people who will do this for you as your in-house staff developer is more expensive and more dangerous, simply because employees come and go, they are not reliable when it comes to staying in your company for life because they have their own dreams, their own plans and off course this doesn't include their present employment because if anyone gives a better offer to them they are gone for good, thus leaving your company and the system in great danger because there is no one who will maintain the system. If this happens, its development will be halted. Creating a system should be tailor fit to your company's operation thus keeping it is another story.

Success of every plan is based on the right decision before starting any kind of project. It's very expensive to make mistakes, sometimes people think they save money getting the cheapest offer. Making sure that cheaper offer will not be delivered cheap, otherwise you will end up believing the golden word "The best never come cheap" with tears and great disappointment.

Acquiring a system that came from either an in-house or a freelancer needs to have a lifetime monthly maintenance to ensure its system efficacy. If the person who develops it is not anymore connected to your company the system will not run properly. It is like a human body that needs constant feeding and cleaning to be able to work and do its activity in a right manner. A freelancer makes it more dangerous for you because if the project is done there will not be any more who will maintain the system. Who will enhance the system if revisions or additional module needs to be integrating with it? Full time staffs that gets a salary each payday not to mention other staff-related issues is a very big headache and their commitment to serve your company is uncertain.

Even if we like it or not, developing a system that would serve your company for life is something that is very critical and it needs a full time maintenance from its developer. Acquiring it from outsource will free your company from a lot of expenses thus keeping your system performance reliability at its peak. That is something that any company should look for. Each business investment conveys certain amounts of risks. Market rivalries, government protocols, monetary circumstances and technologies all change very fast. Subcontracting providers shoulder and accomplish these perils for you, and they are normally much superior at determining exactly how to circumvent risks in their extents of proficiency.

Ruby Ann Malixi
Writer & System Analyst
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