Is there really a cheapest laborer of all time? Who are they? The answer is the business owners, they're investing, and they invest their money to multiply. They need to hire people to work for them, pay bills every month for office and operation expenses but they don't get their salary until the business works and become stable. People think a business person has lots of money but they didn't know business owner wallets are always broke.

Owners can't complain into its own business, always set their mind and heart to believe that business will work and earn, they off course has lead-time because they need to calculate how much they could only afford to doll out before they end up dying, Walt Disney owner see himself eating dog food just to survive and continue to pursue in making cartoon movies until one day it pays back. Most of the business owners endure this pain for years, minimum of 3 to 4 years and maximum of 5 to 6 six years base on most companies made their way and remain standing enduring pains daily just to survive.

Investors are big thinkers, they don't look on small humps in front of them, and they're more on looking for bigger picture of their dreams, always on the look on what needs to be done to back up the present situation for the next day. Thinkers are mostly quiet and observant which most business owners have in common. The capitals they have are just second because the mind and spirit that gives them the height of achieving their goal is much stronger. To stand in failures big or small at every situation is the weapon to stand firm, in learning how to perform well for the next day battle is a one of a kind adventure business owner encounters.

The risk this cheapest laborer experiences especially at early age of business is a mental, psychological, physical and financial challenge that only same people in same situation will deeply understand. After all the painstaking experiences if business survives that's where this cheap laborer will start benefiting. So be proud being the cheap laborer of your time.

Ruby Ann Malixi
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