The magic of visual effects is very astounding. As the saying goes, "a picture paints a thousand words". Almost everybody can design. Right? Everyone with enough knowledge on computers can sit down and learn the craft. But what is the difference between designs made by an amateur to that of a design made by a professional? What is the dividing line between them?

Let's take this one to the test. Invite over an amateur graphic designer and a professional one. The task is to let them design a specific project for you. Have them sit side by side on each other so that you may have a better look on what they are doing. Give them both a computer having the same specifications and applications installed. And present them the same kind of topic. Let the test begin...

This is the scenario that will most likely to happen. An amateur quickly opens the graphic design application and instantly begins pouring in a bunch of colors. The professional one thinks the design over and may get a pencil or a paper to start with. The amateur rallies all the illustrations the he has and starts plucking them one by one and punching it over the artwork. The professional, still undecided what to do, looks over the internet so that he may get enough ideas for the project. The amateur, relying on his own ideas about the subject, applies the finishing touch. The professional, on the other hand, finally gets a concept, a concept that is just right and will fit a given audience. With just a few patches of colors and a few counts of manipulations on the main subject of his design, he was able accomplish the intended output effectively.

The result, the amateur tends to put all his best to his design by involving every trick that he learned basing from his little experience. Squeezing it all without minding his client and the target audience. In short, his concern is just to please himself not to the intended people. The professional, on the other hand, finishes his work with these 2 very important principles in mind, the design and most importantly the target audience.

That is the main difference between the two. Graphic design, just like any other mediums of advertising, does not concern itself only on the technical side of the picture. It also involves the further study of the group of people that they are targeting with. The magic doesn't come out instantly. Now, which one do you prefer?

Yury Dizon
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