Most people don't see it. Maybe it just seems right crossing the bridge when you get there. Maybe sometimes but, not all the time. Why do we allow problems at first? We all may have good reasons. One reason might be that we didn't see the problem or some may say, "We didn't know that it would create problems, plus we don't have personnel in place monitoring for mistakes or issues". Sometimes it's better to observe other people's experiences by reading forums, attending seminars or asking the more experienced ones to lesson or to eliminate problems. Terminating the problems most of the time is very costly. Sometime it can be in the form of money, health or strength. It's best to be cautious every time to allow yourself to think soberly to avoid being a problem creator.

Terminating problems on hand of course could be considered another issue. It really varies on situations. It's always good to have an intelligent approach to become a good problem terminator. Most people who have good characteristics are those who happen to commit mistakes in life. The situation is different when problems arise because of normal situations. When you thought you made a thorough investigation before making a solution. Gathering information and making good leverage will help determine what kind of solution you need to take place. Problems that arise because of unnoticed mistakes and an unfocused staff are another story. You have to accept their mistakes and come up with good safeguards that will work even with staff with limited understanding. Some people can adapt easily to new procedures that can prevent problems, and some may not. It means that the solutions should be well observed, so modification can be done before another problem arise.

Sometimes It's hard to know if you're the one creating the problem because every situation is different, but being an intelligent problem terminator after mistakes have been made is a good alliance to make things right the next time around.

Ruby Ann Malixi
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Do you have someone or something that motivates you to do extremely fascinating things every day? Have you realized that looking on the things you've gone through life is the biggest motivator you could have?

When people in all parts of the world invented how to make something out of pure necessity that's when all the solutions starts coming in, and amazingly it never stopped since then. When formal education was introduced or invented each country run their own unique way of teaching. For Example, the first schools were in ancient Egypt, around 3000 BC, and were for boys coming from rich families that will later on be converted to scribes. They are a group of people that could read and write like priests or government officials. Somewhere around 5,000 B.C. the Sumerians came into the picture (the first civilization), then the Babylonians, Medea, Chaldean, Assyrians, and Persians.

In ancient India, educators called Gurus manage schools that trained subjects containing philosophy and medicine. Schools were free, but richer families give support when the child finished their trainings. Ancient Romans had reserved institutes for the rich that where mostly for boys who were taught in Arithmetic, and to read and write in Greek and Latin. Schools were also set up in Europe throughout the Middle Ages, often by the Church or by Guilds, associations of skilful workers, who teach their craft. Young people were motivated to study, to invent and to discover things that would make life easier. Our histories invention provides a very rich contribution of how people live today.

Every country has their own distinct invention, a creation from nothing. From those ancient histories till now, from children's to adults, from people with education or none, there is somewhat a things created out of being just passionately curious mind. Human race were created to enjoy things God gave as to enjoy and one of those it the talent of creating something for life's convenience. The possibilities are endless when it comes to creation of new things out of nothing and the people who have the nerve the idea is brilliant.

Start asking yourself, what do I want to do with my life? What do I want to become? From there your journey of "Creating out of nothing" will start and before you know it you're already allowing yourself to get motivated by things that would make you become the best that you can be.

Ruby Ann Malixi
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