Do not ask. Just read:

Boss: Carla! Give me a report on last year’s sales.

Carla: Right away sir. At what month?

Boss: March.

Carla: Alright. Just give me a minute.

Boss: ok

After an hour…

Boss: Carla! Where is that “a minute” you are talking about?

Carla: Wait sir, is just that we need to scan a lot of papers. March of last year is too far behind.

Boss: What I am doing here is almost done. I just need a few data on that report. So, are we going to have that paper or not?

Carla: We already have that paper, is just that…

Boss: Forget it! We need to find a solution to this data keeping problem. What is the phone number of the system developer that you presented to me 2 days ago?

Carla: Here it is sir. 387-0095 and their website is

After a few months...

Boss: Carla, I need the last month’s sales report. The complete one.

Carla: Alright sir, just need to do some few clicks. Here it is.

Boss: Thank you. That Database System is really handy. I almost forgot, I didn’t ask them (system developer) about security. Carla, I would like to talk to them.

Carla: of course, but I would like to refresh you about the meeting that we had with them. If you may.

Boss: Go ahead.

Carla: It says that, all our data and transactions are kept securely wherein confidentiality is held at the highest regard.

Boss: Is that so. How nice of you to remind me about the meeting. I’ll give you a raise for that.

Carla: Thank you very much sir.

Do I still need to further elaborate this? Ok, this is a typical office scene wherein someone is trying to find something with difficulty. Everything must be kept systematically. This is true especially in keeping very important data. That is where our Database System will come in handy. Plus, it is available online. That means you can access your data everywhere you go. For as long as you are connected to the internet. As we go along the above lines, you will notice the word “security”. Data security is held at the highest regard. It is kept under extreme confidentiality. We do not disclose any data to any other parties. Still doing things manually? Save time, money and energy with our Database Development Services. With our Database Development Services, you are truly “Maximizing the Power of Technology into Your Business”.

Yury Dizon